Irish B&B CertificationView requirements for approval & certification with B&B Ireland.

Irish Bed & Breakfast Certification Requirements

Do you wonder how our Irish B&Bs are approved? Well, they go through a rigorous inspection to ensure they meet the Irish Tourist Board's critieria as well as our own associations list of requirements! This happens approximately every two years or if there are any complains against a home, ensuring that you receive the highest quality Irish B&B for the price.

Premises & Grounds Requirements

1. The premises including the exterior and interior, outdoor areas, grounds and car parking areas shall be kept clean and well maintained throughout. Car parks, where provided, to be well lighted and have proper directional signage.

2. Signs maintained in good condition, where displayed.

3. The premises shall make available for guests basic first aid equipment.

4. Guests should have access to the premises and their bedrooms at all times.

5. Refuse bins and storage areas kept discreetly positioned.

6. High Standards of maintenance in the garden. Tidy flowerbeds/pathways/hedges etc.

Arrival / Greeting Requirements

7. Offer of refreshments on arrival.

8. Guests directed to their rooms.

9. All guests required to sign-in on arrival.

10. Proprietor and/or staff available for guests’ arrival, departure and at all meal times.

11. Clear visible directional signage on the approach to the property, where possible.

12. Reception equipped for arrival / departure of guests.

13. Local information at reception / hall area.

14. Guest comment book at reception area.

15. Early morning calls available on request or an alarm clock provided.

Reservations & Departure Requirements

16. On line reservation and booking confirmation available where appropriate.

17. Call forwarding or answering service at all times.

18. Guests made aware of any access restrictions and parking availability when booking.

19. Directions to property including street maps available in hard copy and on the internet.

20. Booking policy and room guarantee explained estimate of arrival time established.

21. Detailed bill available for guests on departure.

22. Satisfaction with stay checked.

23. Electronic payment facility available for cards and at least 2 major credit cards accepted.

24. Structure in place for dealing with guest enquiries, reservations, correspondence, complaints etc.

Operational Requirements

25. Guest satisfaction regularly monitored.

26. Attentive, more personalised service with very good levels of customer care such as use of guest’s name.

27. All rooms vacuumed daily.

28. Soft furnishings and carpets well-maintained.

29. Proactive offer of additional services e.g. warming/lighting a bedroom where necessary before guest arrives.

30. Strong awareness and anticipation of individual guest’s needs.

31. Proprietor or nominated person on duty, and / or contactable 24 hours a day.

Dining Room Requirements

32. Adjustable lighting to provide required levels for daytime/evening service and daily cleaning.

Breakfast Requirements

33. Choice of a minimum of two other cooked options e.g. scrambled egg and smoked salmon, omelette or kippers, besides "Full Irish Breakfast".

34. Minimum availability time of one and a half hours with service up to at least 10.00am.

35. The following food items are to be provided for breakfast; selection of cereals, fruit juices, fresh fruit, yogurt, bacon, eggs, sausages, tomatoes, brown and white bread/toast/preserves/butter, tea and coffee and a minimum of 1 herbal tea.

36. If breakfast buffet provided, items to be kept topped up and chilled as appropriate.

37. Additional hot drinks and toast and breads to be made available, i.e. regular top ups.

38. Dietary requirements catered for.

39. Breakfast Tray available for early departures.

40. Special dietary requirements determined at time of booking or at registration.

41. Where breakfast items are required to be chosen the night before a professional Breakfast menu card should be provided in all rooms.

Food and Service Requirements

42. Prompt table clearing and satisfaction checks.

43. Food served at the correct temperature, on a hot or cold plate as appropriate.

44. Other meals (if provided); hours of opening must be stated and adhered to.

45. Help is provided, on request, to find an alternative place to eat/drink within the area.

46. Well-presented food freshly cooked from good quality, local and seasonal ingredients, where practical.

47. Particular attention to food quality rather than an extensive choice.

48. Menus professionally presented.

49. Condiments to be frequently replenished.

50. Selection of local newspapers and magazines available.

51. Plain walls to be decorated with framed pictures or prints.

52. Tea / Coffee facilities available all day.

Guest Bedrooms Requirements

53. Cots available, if requested at the time of booking.

54. Hangers available for clothes - minimum four per person provided.

55. Ample socket provision for all equipment provided.

56. One bedside locker per bed (min 2). Family rooms must have a minimum of two bedside lockers.

57. Individual control of heating by guest.

58. A minimum of one chair per bedroom.

59. Guest directory available in all bedrooms to include; mobile number for proprietor, doctor, taxis, restaurants and details of local church and visitor attractions. Details of emergency exits and telephone numbers. Information on how to access Wi-Fi.

60. Plug adaptor available on request.

61. Standard/reading lamp provided in each room.

62. Iron and ironing board available on request.

63. Minimum Floor Area (excluding private bathrooms) Single; 7.5 sq. m.

64. Minimum Floor Area (excluding private bathrooms) Double; 12 sq. m.

65. Minimum Floor Area (excluding private bathrooms) Double/Single; 16 sq. m.

66. Change of linen every three days.

67. Automatically change towels every day unless requested not to or by linen card.

68. TV with remote control available in all bedrooms. *In the case of a historic house, an exemption can be made however bedroom should be wired for television and available at all times upon request.

69. TV visible from sitting area or bed.

70. Hair dryer available in all rooms.

71. A means of securing bedroom doors from inside and out.

72. Alarm clock available on request.

Bathrooms, Ensuite and Toilets Requirements

73. Soap dispenser or individually wrapped soaps available for washing hands.

74. Plenty of hot water available at all times.

75. All bathrooms must have an effective system of direct or mechanical ventilation.

76. Where flooring is tiled, grouting and sealant to be in excellent order.

77. A minimum of shampoo and shower gel available for guest use.

78. Extra towels available on request.

79. High quality washable flooring throughout. (No carpets).

80. Lidded waste bin in all bathrooms / en-suite.

81. An internal lock / bolt on bathroom door.

Environmental Requirements

82. Each bathroom should be equipped with a good quality toilet brush and holder.

83. Recommend a code of best practice to be developed and displayed which would encourage B&B to be more environmentally friendly.

84. Double Glazed Windows (for new builds only).

85. Draft excluders around external doors.

86. Fit lagging jacket around immersion tank.

87. Specific green information for customers, e.g. towel policy.