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Ireland Hotel Accommodations Overview

For those not comfortable with staying in someone else's home or looking for more comfort, the Irish Hotel offers amenities to fit everyone's needs -- from fine dining to spa packages!

We offer direct pricing on all of our hotels which means you pay the same price as booking direct. Remember, hotels pay us a commission for recommending them and we have a strict policy of recommending places that are in a convenient location as well as offering the amenities our clients prefer... not the hotel that offers the best commission.

Standard Hotel Rating Criteria

Hotel Rating
Staff provide a prompt, polite and informal service. The majority of rooms have private bath (ensuite) and there is a designated eating area serving breakfast everyday and dinner most evenings.
Hotel RatingHotel Rating
Staff are smartly presented and provide a well-informed service. Rooms are generously proportioned. Breakfast and dinner are available seven days a week.
Hotel RatingHotel RatingHotel Rating
An ample number of easily identified staff, who are able to anticipate requirements. All rooms have en suite bathrooms. Meals are cooked and presented to a good standard, using good quality ingredients.
Hotel RatingHotel RatingHotel RatingHotel Rating
Attentive staff provide a very good level of service. At least half of the rooms will have an en suite bath and a shower. At least one restaurant offering a good range of hot and cold skilfully prepared food.
Hotel RatingHotel RatingHotel RatingHotel RatingHotel Rating
Impeccably dressed staff provide attentive and unobtrusive service. All bedrooms will have an en suite bathroom with a bath and thermostatically controlled shower. Meals are cooked and presented to an excellent standard using high quality ingredients.

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