Manor House RentalsLive like a Lord or Lady with the family for a week

Ireland Manor House Rentals

You can turn your family or group vacation from the typical house rental into the fairy tale dream by renting your own Irish Castle or Irish Manor Home, living in medieval accommodations or surrounding yourself in luxury.

These accommodations are perfect for centralizing a large group of travelers while allowing smaller groups to car-pool and explore Ireland at their leisure.

In 2004 we rented an Italian Villa located in the Chianti Region of Tuscany, invited 23 closest friends and got married -- not only a perfect place for an intimate ceremony but we spent the week touring all over the area in small groups. Some would head to Pisa while others went back to Florence for some shopping. It truly is the perfect way to keep peace among a large, diverse group but also convenient for those that have similar interests by keeping everyone together.

Manor House Rentals

Manor homes provide luxury and space without the higher cost of a traditional castle but the grandeur will make you feel like the Lord and Lady of your estate while there. Comfortably sleeping 10 - 30 people and ranging €4,500 - €30,000 per week, you have quite a range to choose from