Ireland AirportsThere is more than just Dublin Airport - don't forget Shannon!

Ireland Airports Servicing U.S. Flights

When people thing about Ireland as a vacation destination, Dublin is the airport that pops into mind however Ireland has quite a few airports, many of which are only accessible from within Europe. The two airports serviced by flights from the United States are Dublin Airport on the East Coast and Shannon Airport on the West Coast.

Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport is situated a few miles north of Dublin City on the East Coast of Ireland and has the most direct flights from the United States. Most direct flights are throughout the year, meaning they don't stop during the low-season.

What I like about Dublin Airport is that it offers many more direct flights from the United States which typically translates into better competition and better fares. In addition, US Airways now flies year-round from Philadelphia which is where we're located -- so Ireland is more accessible.

What I don't like about Dublin Airport is the size -- it can be overwhelming. And when you have more flights, there is more of a chance that you'll have delays.

Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport is a smaller airport as far as size and number of flights but it's location makes it extremely convenient for Ireland Self Drive Tours since many of the popular sites are located in this region.

Since Shannon is smaller than Dublin, I find that the airport is faster to get through Security and less lines inside. They offer food service and Duty Free Shopping that is quite nice and well organized.

Another great feature of Shannon Airport is that it was the first non-US airport to offer U.S. Customs and Border Protection Clearance. Since you have to wait 3-hours prior to your departure you can shop for a bit, have some food and even go through Customs -- all of which makes the wait much easier. And when you arrive back home -- walk right through Customs, grab your bags and go!

Over the past few years, flights have been cut from Shannon Airport which makes its future uncertain and will criple the region if the airport were to close. You can sign the Shannon Airport Petition to help save the airport and hopefully we'll see more flights added as tourism picks up. It is about 40 minutes closer than Dublin so you can start your trip faster ... and won't have to drive 4+ hours from Dublin back to the region for your next vacation.