Ireland CDWIreland's Collision Damage Waiver insurance explained

Ireland Car Rental Break Down Super CDW Insurance

Ireland Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) If the vehicle or any of its parts or accessories are damaged other than by theft, attempted theft or vandalism, while on rental, CDW limits you liability to the amount of the non-waivable excess, if any, which applies in each country provided that you have complied with all the terms of the Rental Agreement. CDW in Ireland does not cover any damage caused as a result of theft, attempted theft or vandalism.

Car rentals in Ireland are fairly inexpensive ... it's when you add all of the insurances to the rental and then you start scratching your head as to how it became so expensive. And when you check in for your rental car you could be presented with even more options to pay when you get there -- and you do because you are on the spot and feel you need it.

We want to give everyone as much information about Ireland car rental insurance as possible before you go to Ireland so that you can make a sound decision before you're standing at the counter, nervous about driving for the first time... and buy everything.

Please keep in mind that we deal with one car rental company in Ireland, which is Irish-owned. There are many different car rental companies out there and we can reserve any of them for you -- we just may not know all of their policies and add-on insurances. Our Ireland car rental partner gives us "inclusive" rates so you know what you are paying for upfront and don't get miscellaneous charges while on vacation.

Ireland Rental Insurance: Declining CDW Insurance

If you choose to decline CDW while in Ireland, you will be responsible for the full replacement value of the car which means you're buying them a new car if you get into any type of accident. This little bit of information, hidden in the fine print, has made me re-think my current coverage and purchase insurance every year I go back. I have a nice travel agent policy but the paperwork hassles and fear of missing my flight home are not worth the troubles for about $10 per day.

If you do decline insurance, please be aware that we cannot help you at all should there be an issue while in Ireland. You become fully responsible for the car. You will also be required to have a large amount of available on your credit card so the rental agency can put a hold on your card.

Ireland Rental Insurance: Super CDW Reduces Deductible

Years ago you could purchase Super CDW in Ireland with a €0 deductible ... rip the mirror off the car, back into a stone wall and just do whatever you wanted. Simply return the car and hop on your flight. That was a problem and people were doing just that so they instituted a €100 manual/€150 automatic deductible to cut down on the recklessness.

Super CDW is an insurance supplement which does nothing more than reduce your deductible on the car rental however this does have some implications. The "hold" put on your credit card will be dramatically reduced to just your deductible and if you rip a mirror off, you'll be charged the deductible when you return the car.

We recommend this for clients who might have a bad record of driving here at home ... better to be safe than sorry. If you have no tickets or claims at home then you might want to stick with the Basic Insurance.

Ireland Rental Insurance: Insurance Prices

These rates were updated Jan 2016.

Car Type Basic CDW Deductible Super CDW Coverage Tire & Glass Coverage
Manual Cars €1400 Reduce to €100 for €15 per day €5 per day
Automatic Cars €1900 Reduce to €100 for €19 per day €5 per day
Vans & Luxury Cars €2500 Reduce to €100 for €22 per day €5 per day

Ireland Rental Insurance: But I Have Car Insurance!

Your car insurance here in the U.S. won't cover you while traveling abroad, with the exception of Canada and sometimes a portion of Mexico, therefore you must purchase insurance in Ireland to ensure you're covered. Remember Murphy's Law?

Ireland Rental Insurance: CDW is Non-Refunable

This is a strange statement, right? Not if you have a rental car accident in Ireland where you must return the car and repurchase the CDW insurance.

If you purchased Super CDW and have to return the car, you cannot purchase Super CDW again, though you can get regular CDW. Basically you are a liability and your insurance company dropped you for the best coverage.

Ireland Rental Insurance: MasterCard Drops CDW Coverage

Ireland Car Rental CDW Mastercard

The rumor-mill has been that MasterCard was dropping their CDW coverage in Ireland and it turns out ... to be true! Here is the response from MasterCard...

Thank you for your inquiry to MasterCard Worldwide.

Effective September 1, 2006, US consumer cardholders no longer have core CDW coverage in Ireland, Israel, or Jamaica. We will cover any rentals initiated prior to September 1, but rentals initiated on or after September 1 will not be honored.

Best regards,
MasterCard Worldwide
Customer Service Center

Ireland Rental Insurance: Fast CDW Facts

Basic CDW

This is what you can purchase from us here at home. There is a deductible for this basic policy. CDW does not cover theft, attempted theft, vandalism, tires, windshields, lost keys or incorrect fuel.

Super CDW

Super CDW is available at check-in and provides the same basic coverage but reduces your deductible.

Theft Protection

This policy is available upon check-in to protect against theft.

Additional Driver

You may add an additional driver to your rental when you check-in for the car. Rates are approximately €9 per additional driver, per day (as of 20124). If a non-authorized driver causes an accident, all CDW is null and void.

Windshield/Tire Protection

No, I'm not making this up and if you go off the beaten path you'll realize the need here. "Loose chippings" can spray up from the car in front of you and chip or crack a windshield while damaged roads can wreak havoc on tires. I usually purchase this knowing what it costs to replace a windshield. This is approximately €8 per day (as of 2014).