Ireland Driving MapsDetailed driving maps including Dublin City maps.

When purchasing a Ireland Self Drive Vacation Package, you will receive a map with your documents so you can begin planning, outline your route - change your mind and cross it all out. Don't worry, you will get a new map when you check-in for your car rental so you'll have a nice fresh map for your journey.

I've used these maps for years however the roads in Ireland are increasing each year and although I know my way around fairly well, I'll occassionally get confused because a new road is opened and I was routed around a town I was looking for. More detailed maps are available online but I only suggest them for those who plan on traveling to Ireland more than once. Keep in mind we also have Ireland GPS Maps which are loaded onto our GPS rentals when you purchase them in your package.

Dublin City Maps

If you have any intention of driving in Dublin then I highly recommend purchasing a detailed map of the city streets to save your sanity and ensure you and your passengers speak to each other during the rest of your trip.

Ireland Driving Maps

We don't necessarily recommend purchasing new maps -- we've driven for years using the car rental maps and now we have cell phone GPS if we every need it.