Ireland DistancesCalculate distances and get directions between cities and towns.

Want more specific distances between Irish towns? How about driving directions? Yes, you can now print driving directions between those two towns and take it with you! Keep in mind driving times do not take into account the smaller villages along the way. Add approximately 25% more time for this as well as stops along the way.


You have underestimated your very useful "crude" map. I have spent many hours using it to estimate distances and routes and to find particular accommodations and sites. I think it's the best tool I have found online by far. Thank you so much.

I am planning a self drive tour of Ireland, Scotland and England on Sep-Oct 2010 and I love this site as a tool.

– Ken S. (June 2009)

Ireland Mileage / Distance Calculator & Chart

One of the biggest questions I receive is, "How long will it take me to get from [a] to [b]?"

The distance portion is simple but the estimated time takes a seasoned Ireland traveler to know -- distance in Ireland is always estimated in time due to the narrow roads and small town squares you must maneuver to get to your final destination.

Use this chart as a simple guideline for estimating distance just make sure you add about 30% more time and you'll be fine. Check out our Ireland Driving Tips which talks about navigating and times vs. distance when driving in Ireland.