Car AccidentsWhat do I do if I have a car accident in Ireland?

Ireland Car Rental Accident

This has so rarely happened that I didn't know how to handle car rental accidents in Ireland -- well, I didn't know how to help advise clients. In the past there has been minor damage which is covered by Super CDW Insurance so the client simply returned the car and got on their plane.

Unfortunately I just had a client who banged up the car enough that they were required to return it to the agency and this is when I was able to find out the entire procedure when an accident does occur.

Return the Damaged Rental Car

When there is an accident that results in damage to the car, you will be required to return the car to the closest rental office for assessment and repair. This also reduces the liability should there be any structural or mechanical problems that are not easily visible.

The rental agency will advise you of the closest office to return the car.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) Is Non-Refundable

This was hard to swallow but it eventually made sense to me. When the client returned their car rental they were advised that the insurance was non-refundable and were required to purchase the Collision Damage Waiver again. But they already paid for it once... why do they have to pay for it again?

After numerous calls to many different rental agencies I found that this is standard practice. The insurance policy is for the car you crashed and the premium you paid is gone once you return the car. The remaining days you paid for the car insurance is non-refundable and therefore cannot be applied toward your new rental.

It's unfortunate but you will have to purchase CDW again for the new rental, though you'll only pay to cover the car for the remaining days.

Super CDW Is Not Available

Well, you've crashed the car but you paid nothing more than purchasing new CDW insurance. That's not so bad except you want to repurchase the Super CDW -- and you are refused.

You can be denied the Super CDW rider if you have an accident therefore you'll be responsible for the deductible should you damage the new rental car. Let's face it, your track record isn't so great and back here at home you'd likely have your insurance raised, or in repeat situations, dropped.