Ireland Car Rental GPS Navigation Rentals

Ireland Car Rental GPS Rental

Just about every request we receive these days includes the cost of the GPS for navigating Ireland so we thought we'd write up our experience and cost-saving ideas regarding GPS in Ireland.

We first tried GPS in 2008 however we didn't pay the €10 per day fee ... that would have cost us over $100 USD for the week, a stiff price considering we knew where we were going and how to navigate with a map quite easily. Instead I purchased the SD chip for our GPS here at home and simply swapped the cards for our trip.

Leaving Shannon Airport we turned on the GPS and plugged in Doolin, County Clare. Mind you, you won't have addresses available like we do in the US so you'll need to navigate by town. Irish Bed & Breakfasts will publish coordinates to plug in as well if you want exact directions to the doorstep of your accommodations. Otherwise the town works just fine.

One of the first things we noticed was that the GPS took us past our usual exit to head down to Doolin but for the sake of testing the GPS we went with it's direction instead. A few miles down the road we were told to take the exit and realized our usual exit was probably not on the maps we had and I didn't check the date. The exit was fairly new and didn't make the cut for the maps we loaded. As it turns out, it only took us out of our way by about 10 minutes, not a lot but in the end we made our way to Doolin without a problem. From that point on I turned it off, packed in our bags and never used it again.

GPS is Perfect for First Time Ireland Drivers

Rather than reading a map or getting into fights with your spouse for a missed exit, GPS can save your vacation when it's your first time to Ireland. Add to it the fact that you're driving on the opposite side of the road, GPS means you have one less thing to worry about.

Save on the Cost of GPS in Ireland

We can rent you a GPS however the cost is fairly high, around $14 per day ... but if you look at the maps below, you'll realize that purchasing the chip for your GPS will save you more than 50% for a one-week trip! We also cannot guarantee the accuracy and year of the maps when you rent one through a car rental agency in Ireland -- they are less likely to maintain their maps for clients.

Maps typically include Ireland and the UK so you can use these maps next year when you take a trip to England, Scotland and Wales!