Chauffeur HoursYour personal driver/guide is limited, by law, on daily hours

The charm of a private driver in Ireland is the leisurely touring, seeing what you want to see rather than what the tour company chooses -- and being fluid with your itinerary. If it's raining and you don't want to tour the Ring of Kerry because visibility is down ... talk to Gene and he'll suggest an alternative!

While we do allow for deviations, we do have to set limits to protect our relationship with our private drivers in Ireland -- or they won't accept our clients. Your chauffeur price includes eight (8) hours of service by your driver each day, give or take depending on your chosen itinerary and how much you fill your day. If you do not use your 8 hours, it does not carry over to the next day.

We will arrange for your driver to meet you at a specified time and location, whether it's the airport or at a hotel. The time starts when you are picked up each day and each evening when you are dropped at your Irish bed and breakfast by your personal chauffeur, you will discuss a start time for the next day. Feeling a little tired, start a bit later. Want to get a jump on your day, you can arrange an earlier pickup.