Chauffeur TippingWhat should I tip my guide/driver when in Ireland?

Gratuities are often confusing when traveling abroad -- you don't tip in a pub in Ireland when you order a drink... but you do when you order a meal. It can cause a lot of questions and everyone asks, "How much should I tip my personal driver?"

We recommend 10% per person, per day as a general starting point and by no means an exact number. You should adjust it up and down based on your own personal experience however we have never had a bad driver in our years of service.

We do ask that you keep in mind that drivers rely on tips as tourism is their only income and tours may have a day or week between for which your driver doesn't get paid. Your driver also gives you an insight into the Irish culture and off-the-beaten-path sites -- so you're also showing appreciation for their knowledge.

When Do I Tip My Ireland Chauffeur?

Tipping is usually done at the end of the tour when your personal driver drops you at the airport or hotel and says his goodbye. Typically everyone puts their money together and one person gives it to the driver at the very end. If someone wants to give extra, they can always extend that personally to the driver.