Gay & LesbianTraveling Ireland as a gay or lesbian couple is quite safe!

Although Ireland is a Catholic country, you'd be quite surprised how progressive the people are. Who isn't when comparing to the U.S., right?

My personal experience goes way back when I took my boyfriend to Ireland in 2001, his first visit and my first visit as a couple. We utilized the B&B system throughout and didn't have a problem but of course I knew how to play the game and get what I wanted (one bed) when offered two. We continued to go back year-after-year mixing in hotels (to review) and B&Bs (cost) and never had an issue.

In fact I stayed with at a B&B so often I considered the owner, Mary, a friend and would try to pop in any time I was in the area as well as referring all of my clients to her. On our last visit with Mary in 2005 we were sitting in her family room, chatting over a cup of tea and biscuits. All of a sudden she motioned for me to follow her and once we were out of range for my partner she quickly said, "I see rings! Did you two get married?" She was so excited that she ran back into the other room to congratulate Bob and ask about all of the details, right down to the fact that we got engaged on the edge of the Cliffs of Moher the day before visiting her two years prior! Progressive... and I was worried for nothing.

We now stay with friends in Bantry Bay, County Cork and the first night we had dinner with them they asked, "So how did you two meet?", without hesitation or concern. We now stay with them each year and talk several times per year.

Self-Drives for Gays and Lesbians

You will have no problem traveling Ireland as a couple these days, whether you stay in a local Irish bed and breakfast, a hotel or even a luxurious castle. We have stayed at all types of accommodations throughout Ireland and not once have we had an issue with accommodations. In fact, we now travel with our daughter and there are no questions ... just acceptance.

Making Bed & Breakfast Room Reservations

If you are uncomfortable requesting one bed (double room), then simply ask for "a double or twin, whichever". More thank likely the room you get will have a two double beds even if the owner makes a fuss and says she'll give you a twin.

Double Room

Twin Room

Irish B&B Double Room
Irish B&B Double RoomIrish B&B Double Room

We Will Help Plan Your Itinerary

Working with an experienced travel agent who has experienced Ireland as a single gay traveler, a coupled gay traveler, a married gay couple and now a gay father ... I will most certainly lead you in the right direction. As always there is no additional charge when using our services.