Travel Ireland FreeOrganize a group trip to Ireland and travel for free!

Many people don't realize but traveling free is easier than they think - just organize a group and let us do the work!

With as few as 25 friends traveling together, one passenger can go free and that's usually reserved for the group organizer. Free airfare differs these days but if everyone flies from the same airport there is usually one free airline ticket included as well.

So gather your family and friends, pick your tour and let's begin your days of free travel.

Discounted Ireland Travel Rates

Organizing a group also lowers marketing costs for a tour operator and therefore rates tend to go down when you reserve a group tour. Group rates save an average of $100 per person -- and you still get to travel for free!

Choose any tour out there and we will negotiate the group discount and free spaces for you!

Organizing Your Ireland Group Travel

Again, easier than you think and once you have one group tour, the following years you'll be surprised to have those same group members asking where they are going next. Start with family, friends, church and youth groups as well as any organization you may belong to. Simply feel people out see if there is interest.

With enough interest you can begin to solidify your plans by selecting a tour and obtaining a price. Go back to your group with printed materials and determine interest -- having it written and in front of them weeds out those who are not serious about putting money down.

Set a date for a deposit and give extra payment forms and trip details so everyone can invite their family and friends as well -- the bigger the circle, the better the chances of getting that free space.

Advertising Your Group

If you would like help advertising your group we will dedicate a page on our website to display your tour for your group -- and the general public if you like.

We will be more than happy to reach out through social media to help fill your seats and earn you that free seat!