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"The coolest little tool I have ever encountered online!"
Maureen W., Chicago, IL

Plug in the towns you want to spend each night and even day-trips... we'll turn that into a print-able itinerary! Want suggestions on where to stay? Simply select from major sites throughout Ireland and we'll consolidate them and recommend towns to stay.

I've been asked countless times to provide an itinerary for potential customers -- and I've politely declined -- because each person travels for different reasons and therefore their itineraries may differ vastly.

Given a list of "must see" items, I'll gladly help suggest an itinerary for anyone. Unfortunately I've lost a few clients because they didn't want to furnish a "must see" list, leaving me blind when it comes to an itinerary.

To combat that problem I'm creating an online "Itinerary Planner" where anyone can create their own itinerary, displaying all major sites along the way. Print it and take it on your fly & drive tour of Ireland -- and don't miss a thing!

View this sample, 4-night itinerary created using the online planner. Small snippets of sites and attractions, golf courses, etc. all on one page for each night you'll be in Ireland. Go! Sample Itinerary