Non-Chip Credit CardsCan I Use My Non-Chip Credit Card in Ireland?

Using Non-Chip Credit Cards Ireland

Absolutely - we may be behind in using this new technology but Ireland, and Europe, is helping us charge up a storm while traveling!

If you landed on this page then you know that Ireland, and Europe in general, has moved to the pin and chip credit cards which help prevent theft and the billions we spend in credit card fraud here in the United States. The concept is simple. Your credit card contains a microchip that generates a unique ID each time you use it in a terminal which accepts these new cards. The unique ID ensures the card has not been duplicated or cloned and that it is present for the transaction.

The United States has been slow to adopt the Pin and Chip Credit Cards and many clients inquire about using their current credit cards abroad... and we're glad to tell you that we've never had a problem using our antiquated cards in Ireland. Their terminals allow you to insert your Pin and Chip Card -or- you can slide your non-chip card as you always have, signing for your purchase.

June 2015: We traveled to Denmark and Norway and they also allow Americans to swipe their card, though you have to advise them you do not have chip cards! Locals use their cards for EVERYTHING but Americans apparently spend a lot abroad while traveling so the old system is still available.

US Chip-n-Pin Cards

While the European system requires a simple PIN to complete credit card transactions, you'll likely have to sign the receipt since many US credit cards do not use the PIN. Please check with your bank before traveling abroad to ensure there are no issues when you get there.