Cell Phone TipsWhat do I need to know about cell phone in Ireland?

Ireland Cell Mobile Phone Tips

Times have changed since we started Enchanting Ireland and the mobile phone market has changed significantly over the years. Where we once recommended renting a mobile phone in Ireland, we have take a 180-approach and don't recommend cell phones at all -- disconnect, go off the cell grid and enjoy your vacation!

That isn't very practical and we do take our own cell phones, moreso for documenting our trip and social media purposes. We purchase a data package and are available via text/email if there is an emergency. We have also used maps on our mobile phone to help with navigation after finding a B&B was not listed correctly ... our mapping software got us right to the house, no problems.

Using Your Personal Cell Phone

Well, times have changed quite a bit and with personal cell phones which can switch services, many US-based calling plans allow for Global Data and Voice. Call your cell phone company and see what is available to allow you to use your own mobile phone while traveling Ireland.

While you will be using the Irish cell system, typically Vodaphone, service can be spotty. We found this out in 2011 while traveling and when we needed the phone, we had no coverage. A passing resident allowed us to use their mobile phone.

Having just returned from our trip in 2014, our Global Data Plan was very good and we were able to maintain contact via Facebook and text messaging.