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Ireland Travel FAQ

When can I expect to receive my B&B, hotel and car rental voucher?

We do everything direct these days and print our own vouchers for everything so as soon as you pay for your package, we will ship your documents to you. No more waiting until 2-3 weeks prior as many tour operators do.

There are always exceptions for this including:

  • Tour Documents: Tour companies handle their documents differently and typically release them about one month prior to your departure.

To ensure your documents arrive in a reasonable amount of time, our system was designed to automatically remind us when a client’s record does not indicate that we have mailed their documents within two weeks of their scheduled departure date. There’s no way around this as the system requires us to acknowledge the message EACH day until we marked the delivery date, ensuring we never forget you!

Why do car rentals charge for the full tank of gas to begin with?

That's a good question and I posed it to one of the car rental agencies at a recent Ireland convention. She said it was "standard" and I interpreted that as, "It's standard so we can make more money."

If you're told to return the car on empty, more than likely you won't because you're unfamiliar with distances in Ireland and don't want to be stuck without gas on the way to catch a flight. You return the car with about half a tank, which you've already paid for. They charge the next person for a full tank as though they put in the full amount -- making more money on the half tank you left them!

You can get around this though when you book your car with me and as a package -- just tell the desk clerk you will return the car FULL and top off the tank before you return. Return the car and go back to the desk ... they will refund you the initial payment for that tank of gas. I even made $.13 one time due to the change in currency during that week!

How do you use B&B vouchers (i.e. when do you turn them over?) and is there any other payment expected?

When you check into the B&B you pay nothing -- payment is made at the end when you finish breakfast. Simply hand the owner of the house your voucher and that's it! Dublin has surcharges but only during the summer therefore you would pay that at this time as well. If you’ve asked for dinner at your B&B or any additional services then you’ll be required to pay for that in cash when you check out.

The new B&B Rankings allow you to reserve any Bed and Breakfast in our inventory up to and including 4-star rating. If you reserve a 5-star property, simply pay a small, per-room supplement directly to the owner in cash when you hand over your voucher at breakfast.

Where do you recommend we stay while in Dublin?

We recommend hotels if you are starting or ending your trip in Dublin and if you stay more than one night, forget the car rental and pick it up at the airport when you leave Dublin. It's much easier and the cost savings will even out with the tranportation back and forth to the airport.

How do we contact B&B’s for reservations?

As soon as you receive your documents, you will get the link to our live inventory and availability ... plug in your dates, # people, ratings, towns, etc and you'll see what properties match. It's very convenient and allows you to print all of your reservations in one confirmation.

  • Single Room
  • Twin Room - two beds
  • Double Room - one bed
  • Triple Room