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Movies Filmed in Ireland (or with Irish Actors)

Having fallen in love with Ireland I tend to rent or buy every movie out there that was filmed in Ireland not only because I can say, "I've been there!" but the acting can be superb and the humor is unrivaled. Here is a small selection of Irish films that I've compiled and tried to filter out those with American actors playing Irish...

Irish Music & Musicians

From tradition to pop, here are some Irish CDs that will appeal to anyone however I am a fan of The Corrs!

Bumper Stickers, T-Shirts & More

Irish Crystal / Waterford Crystal

I never really got into crystal until I toured the Waterford Crystal Factory (a few times to be correct) and saw how much time it takes to hand-craft each piece of crystal and the workmanship that goes into it. In fact I started collecting the crystal each time I went back to Ireland, even splurging on the Waterford Lillies, Limited Edition vase!

Irish Food & Snacks

A few short years ago I was able to bring rashers back home from Shannon when they had the USDA seal but that has been rescinded and during my search I found some great Irish foods that are available State-side, some imported and some local but created for the Irish (like the rashers which cannot be imported).