Travel Guides & MapsEnchanting Ireland recommended travel books, guides & maps

Often clients request a recommendation for travel reference books and these days I may not always use one, I do have my favorites for traveling abroad. I've give you my top picks below which are available online, direct to you.

Ireland Travel Maps and GPS Cards

We always navigate using the car rental maps and never had a problem however we do know that there are many roads missing from these maps... most of which you'll never need to go down when touring Ireland. Maps are also printed well in advance and on our June 2014 trip we found two new motorways that were opened and did not exist on our map... not a bit deal but some folks get a little freaked by that. Below are some recommended maps as well as GPS cards which you can add to your own GPS and take it with you. We've used our GPS just to try it out and it does work well in Ireland.

Irish Films / Movies Filmed in Ireland

We are absolutely in love with Irish films and those that are filmed there, likely because we can easily visit the film locations and transport us back to the film or back to Ireland when watching it.