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Ireland Vacation Planning Experts

Planning a vacation to Ireland tends to overwhelm people - there is so much to see in and do despite Ireland being a small country. Is it too much? Am I doing too little? Friends and family are feeding you lists of what you need to see while there and believe it or not, things have changed in Ireland over the years. We're here to help!

When we first started traveling Ireland in 1994 it was possible to travel around Ireland without reservations, stopping at any Irish Bed and Breakfast for a room. Stay as long as you like or move on, it was up to you. With increase in tourism and promotion of the Irish Bed and Breakfast, "winging it" is still possible during the off season however it's not for those who are want to spend some time each day picking out a bed and breakfast for the night.

We gather everything we've learned over the years and put it online, here, for free ... to help everyone plan their first or next trip to Ireland and make it simply perfect!

Where do I Begin?With 15+ years, we know how to guide you... painlessly

Too often we receive calls or emails pleading for help because the traveler either knows nothing about Ireland or friends, family and co-workers have given them too much information and they don't know how to fit it all in.

Over the years, we've helped people plan trips for 1, 2 or 25 by following these simple steps:

  • Buy a good travel book to Ireland and skim it to find out the major sites in Ireland, determining what is interesting to visit to YOU. We recommend the Eyewitness Travel Guide.
  • Meet with all travelers and discuss what each of you "must see", compiling a list. Narrow this down to what is on everyone's "must see" list, relegating others to a "like to see" list.
  • Contact us with your list -- we will help put that list into an itinerary, making suggestions on where to stay each night so that you fit most, if not all, of your sites into your vacation. (We now require a $$ deposit for itinerary help due to potential clients using this service and booking their trips elsewhere)
  • With an itinerary in place, we'll discuss accommodations - selecting B&Bs, hotels, manors or castles based on what you want to experience.