Raymond Klee Gallery, Country Cork Ireland

Raymond Klee & Chris Woolson, Ballylickey, Ireland

It is with great regret that I have to announce that Raymond's Gallery is now closed as Raymond has passed away. We will miss both Raymond and his wife Florence. The former gallery is now a private residence and trespassing is forbidden.

One of the hidden gems of Ireland is Raymond Klee's gallery in Ballylickey, County Cork. Nestled among the trees on Bantry Bay, you'll likely pass Raymond's gallery unless you're looking for the painting at the end of the driveway announcing that his studio is open.

We were fortunate enough to stop in 2003 and take a good look around the many rooms of his studio, floor to ceiling of his paintings are wood ... and many more stacked against the wall on the floor. I thought I was going to get kicked out at one point because I have a habit of asking questions when I don't know something and I think Raymond believed I was taunting him. That was until he realized my ignorance in painting and my questions were genuine - I wanted to know.

Throughout the years we have collected Raymond's artwork, everything from Irish landscapes and beach scenes to portraits of lonely little girls and wrinkled old women. Not only is the detail in the artwork magnificent and something we truly treasure but we also value his friendship, along with his wonderful wife, Florence.

Raymond asked me to take photos of his artwork which I have compiled below... some of which we have purchased! If you are looking to purchase artwork from Raymond, please let me know as his artwork is extremely affordable and it can be shipped to the U.S. for about €100 (based on size).