Sample ItinerariesStart your Ireland vacation planning with one of our itineraries

Ireland suggested itineraries

9-out-of-10 clients needs some type of help with an Ireland itinerary when it comes to an Ireland self drive vacation. Some think it isn't a hard job considering how small the country is but that tends to cause the biggest problem -- there is just so much to see and do, how do you fit it all in? Others are just overwhelmed by all of the choices, from sites and attractions to types of accommodations. This is where Enchanting Ireland steps in to make suggestions.

Whether it is just two people or a group of 10, our recommendation is the same:

  • Get a good Ireland Travel Books and Guides
  • Create a list of Must See Ireland Sites and Like to See Ireland Sites, combining those items for group members
  • Group your sites by location to determine where you should stay each night

Once you do this, your Ireland Self Drive Itinerary has pretty much written itself! We like to help tweak itineraries and we give restaurant and pub recommendations for towns we spend lots of time in... another perk of being an Enchanting Ireland client!

Ireland Customizable Self Drive Itineraries

If you want to start with an itinerary that has been traveled thousands of times, we have a few for your first visit. Keep in mind that these itineraries are basic and are designed to give you an idea on where to start planning.

Our new pre-set Ireland Self Drive Itineraries give you pre-planned nights so there is no planning required, except which pub you want to hit each night.

Creating An Ireland Self Drive Itinerary FOR You

Creating an itinerary is one of the hardest things to do for people when we don't know them... people have different styles and, more importantly, different interests. We pride ourselves in creating custom Ireland itineraries with you rather than for you, ensuring your vacation is everything you wanted it to be.