Cancellation PolicyWe offer cancellation refunds for our self-drive packages

We are the only agency out there that has a fair cancellation policy when it comes to self-drive vacations in Ireland while all of our competitors offer non-refundable packages. Book with any other company and something happens at the last-minute, you lose the whole value of your vacation.

This cancellation policy only applies to self-drive vacations consisting of Irish B&Bs, Manor House Hotels, Castle Hotels, Irish Hotels, Car Rentals. Tours, property rentals and other miscellaneous items are not included and cancellation policies will vary.

  • 7-Days Prior - Fully refundable *
  • 7-Days to 48-Hours Prior - 25% cancellation fees apply
  • Less than 48-Hours - Non-Refundable.

While our services have a very good refund policy, we do highly recommend Travel Insurance because the fees involved increase the closer you get -- and that is when Murphy's Law kicks in. You don't anticipate having to cancel... until it's too late.

*There is a 3% fee withheld which is paid to the credit card company on all transactions and is non-refundable after 3-months.