The Quiet Man - Filmed in Galway & Aran Islands

I have to admit, I don't like old films and it took me quite a while to actually watch this one and the only reason is that my personal chauffeur driver and guide in Ireland is also the personal driver for Maureen O'Hara -- star of this film. After sending numerous groups to Ireland with Gene's care, I heard two stories where client's talked to Maureen on the phone and one group actually got to meet her. While not guaranteed, it was true and now I had to watch the movie since clients were asking for information about it.

I rented the movie and it was ok -- I just think we've come along way in acting and while films of that era were over-the-top when it came to acting, I really want to believe the actors. Anyway, the scenery is magnificent and Gene can take folks on the Quiet Man Tour when visiting Galway and Connemara.

I still haven't met Maureen O'Hara but hope to in the coming years!