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Airfare is tricky and we like to leave it up to clients for the Ireland Self-Drive Tours ... but we include airfare with our Irish bus tours. We treat your vacation budget as if it were our own!

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Our specialists offer Irish accommodations from the Irish Bed & Breakfast, Irish Hotels, Irish Manor Homes and Irish Castle Hotels - direct rates and nothing added on.

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Car Rentals

Irish car rentals vary tremendously and CDW Insurance can be quite confusing! Our rentals are "inclusive"; we include the required charges so you pay nothing when you get there.

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Itinerary Services

We don't plan vacations to Ireland for clients, we help them create itineraries based on their pace, what they want to see/do as well as accommodations to fit their budget.

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Currency Exchange and Traveling

Currency Exchange and Traveling -  Ireland Travel Planning; Foreign Currency Exchange; Updated: 2022-04-18

Travel changes in conjunction with technology, sometimes making it easier and sometimes making it a bit harder. This cannot be more true when it comes to exchanging money for use when traveling abroad.

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About Enchanting Ireland

My love of Ireland began in August 1994 when my friend, Michelle, organized a group of friends to visit her family. We arranged several rental cars, booked a few B&Bs in the beginning and rented a small castle in Lough Rea, County Galway for a week. It was a dream come true and I wasn't in the country a day ... and had fallen in love with Ireland! Was it traveling by train, on my own to catch up with a co-worker in Galway? Was it taking the bus to Lough Rea, then walking 5 miles to join the rest of the group at our rented castle? Was it the older woman I friended on the walk, stopped in for tea and homemade scone? It was EVERYTHING about Ireland that I had fallen in love with from the very first trip.

I decided to take my mother back in July 1997, renting a car, a few B&B vouchers and hitting the road with no real plan. The love was still there and so I took a cousin back in October of the same year - no plans but to have fun! We arranged horseback riding in Ventry, picked up a hitch hiker from Australia and spent a few days touring with our new friend. Ireland was like no other place I had been but it felt like home.

Needless to say, my love of travel and Ireland turned into a business venture in 2001 and I have been arranging tours for thousands of travelers, whether it was their first trip and they needed a lot of hand-holding... or repeat customers who know what they want to do and I just put it all together in a neat little package for them.

Being an Ireland specialist is more than just completing the Tourism Ireland courses, which we have; it is hitting the ground, exploring and doing what we love - traveling!

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