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Having traveled Ireland dozens of times over the year, we are looking to impart all that we have learned over the years with potential clients, not only to help you plan your trip but also get visitors to get out of their comfort zone by trying something different on their next trip.

Our Enchanting Ireland Blog will contain informational articles we write regarding different aspects of traveling in Ireland.

Use Google Maps Without Wifi/Cell Service in Ireland

Use Google Maps Without Wifi/Cell Service in Ireland -  Ireland Travel Planning;

Travel has gotten quite expensive in 2023 as inflation has hit Ireland; airfare and accommodation rates have increased and car rentals remain high due to COVID. One way you can save on your trip to Ireland is by foregoing adding GPS to the car rental and, if you can, skipping the wifi/cellular package while in Ireland. Mobile phones have increased memory these days to not only hold all of your valuable vacation photos but app data as well, allowing you to download the maps on your phone before going. This can easily save $10 USD per day, based on $10 GPS rental or $10/day for Verizon's coverage abroad

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Ireland 2023 Airfare Tracking

Ireland 2023 Airfare Tracking -  Ireland Travel Planning; Ireland Airfare

We're ready to start planning our summer family vacation to Ireland and the first thing to do is start tracking airfare to try and find the best rates from Philadelphia to either Shannon, if available, or Dublin.

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Currency Exchange and Traveling

Currency Exchange and Traveling -  Ireland Travel Planning; Foreign Currency Exchange; Updated: 2022-04-18

Travel changes in conjunction with technology, sometimes making it easier and sometimes making it a bit harder. This cannot be more true when it comes to exchanging money for use when traveling abroad.

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