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Currency Exchange and Traveling

Currency Exchange and Traveling -  Ireland Travel Planning; Foreign Currency Exchange; Updated: 2022-04-18

Travel changes in conjunction with technology, sometimes making it easier and sometimes making it a bit harder. This cannot be more true when it comes to exchanging money for use when traveling abroad.

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Traveling Ireland with Food Allergies

Traveling Ireland with Food Allergies
 -  Ireland Travel Planning; Ireland Dining;

We were never really concerned with food allergies over the years, despite one of us having a severe allergy to shellfish - it's quite easy to avoid that when you don't eat much seafood. That is until I became gluten intolerant at the age of 45; unable to get up in the morning without severe joint pain and considerable GI issues. Once it was uncovered and gluten was removed, life was good.

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Planning Your Trip In/Out of Dublin

Planning Your Trip In/Out of Dublin -  Ireland Travel Planning; Travel Agency Savings;

When reviewing tenative itineraries from prospective clients, or responding to requests on social medial platforms, the biggest piece of advice we have is - GET OUT OF DUBLIN. It doesn't mean we don't like Dublin but we'd rather rearrange a client's itinerary to make the best use of time and allow for some rest and relaxation while in Dublin. What do we mean?

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