Don't Get Ripped off Using ATMs in Ireland

Don't Get Ripped off Using ATMs in Ireland

Travel is constantly changing and making sure you make the best decision on the road can be difficult when you have to make last-minute decisions. This happened to me on my most-recent trip, during COVID, when I needed cash and used a local ATM without reading the fine print and just clicking through the buttons along the way.

I typically hit the ATM in the airport to grab some cash and we did, getting a rate of $1.16 for one Euro, a decent exchange rate.

A few days later I needed more cash and used the ATM at the Cliffs of Moher Visitor Center and I didn't read the screen as I requested 150 Euro. When I checked my bank account, it equated to $202.51 which was a rate of $1.35 per Euro!!

When you looking to obtain cash, make sure you use an Irish Bank's ATM and not a stand-alone machine located in a tourist area, mall or supermarket as you'll likely get ripped off. Double-check the screen as it likely warned me of the fees/rate but I was distracted -- and you will not get a receipt!

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