Private Chauffeur Tours Hiring your own private chauffeur in Ireland can be affordable

Ireland Custom Private Chauffeur Tours
We have drivers who are vaccinated and boosted against COVID, ensuring a safe trip for all, including those who are immuno-compromised!

Whether you are traveling as a couple or an entire family, we can arrange private chauffeur tours available for you as we help design the trip of a lifetime!

With the right-sized group, hiring a private chauffeur can be quite affordable and cost effective as you share the costs of the driver as well as their daily expenses. What you get is much more than just a driver, as you get insight into life in Ireland, off-the-beaten-path sites and attractions as well as learning about the history of Ireland which cannot be told better than from the Irish themself.

We will augment your tour by helping design the right itinerary for your group as well as mix-and-match accommodations along your route to make it fit your travel style! End with a Deluxe Irish Castle or stay at a few of our more moderate Irish Castles along your route.

Get ready for the vacation of a lifetime!

Meet Some of Our Irish Chauffeur/Guides chauffeur Gene



Gene hails from County Cork and has taken care of many of our clients since 2005 and it turns out we had mutual friends!

with each and every group returning and praising Gene for his knowledge, hospitality and of course driving them so they could enjoy their vacation.

Residing in Bantry Bay, Gene is extremely familiar with the local region and can help you experience Ireland like no others have before by getting off the beaten path. chauffeur Rory



Rory is from one of favorite towns, Dingle!

He spent many years in the United States after settling back in Dunquin with his wife and daughter, settling into tours of Ireland. Rory favorite tours are along the Wild Atlantic Way - a quick search will show you why.

John owns two vehicles, each handling 3-6 passengers comfortably and his knowledge of Irish history will absolutely captivate you and your family. chauffeur John



John partnered with us in 2017 after retiring from teaching the Irish Language and Physical Education for 30 years. Born and raised in Waterville, County Kerry, John is the perfect compliment to our list of drivers as many folks want to visit the Ring of Kerry or the Skelligs.

John owns a luxury Mercedes Viano Executive bus. Combine that with his attention to detail and your custome vacation is sure to be a success from the moment you arrive.

Enchanting Ireland Private Chauffeur Tours - Basic Overview

  • Driver Hours: Your driver is bound by Irish law and can legally driver for 8 consecutive hours and the clock starts when they pick you up each morning and stops when they drop you off at your accommodations each evening. While they may be sitting in the car while you are visiting Blarney Castle, it still counts toward their 8-hours and they cannot pick you up at the put at midnight. Please be considerate of their time and start at a reasonable hour in the morning so they can unwind at the end of their day; it is work for them! We always remind clients that your driver will become your friend within minutes of meeting and you'll find your 8-hours becomes less strict.
  • Inclusions: The driver's rate includes their services for the duration of your vacation but also their expenses such as vehicle, petrol, tolls, accommodations while away from home and a per-diem for meals. This is why we require a basic itinerary because the driver may not need overnight expenses for a portion of your trip if you are touring near their home. Rates do not include entrance fees as you have no idea where you will be and if the weather will be cooperating to actually visit an attraction.
  • Fluid Itinerary: Sometimes this term freaks out clients however, upon return, they thank us for keeping their trip fluid - it's the Irish way! We will plan your vacation based on what you want to see and do however we will remind you to slow things down, don't cram too much into your day and enjoy your trip! Weather changes hourly and the best planned vacation will be ruined if you're Monday 9:00-9:30am visit to the Cliffs of Moher is met with closures due to high-winds... but visiting the Doolin Cave instead and coming back to the Cliffs later in the afternoon could work!
  • Driver Requests: You can ask your driver for recommendations on restaurants or invite them to lunch. Discuss your interests and heritage. See signs for an event that you were unaware of and want to stop -- just ask. We request that you do not ask for additional days or deviation from your nightly accommodations. An awkward call from your driver at 5am, stating we agreed to a late drop-off in Dublin when you previously requested and paid for 1/2 a day to drop off early ... that makes it very uncomfortable for all of us (true story!)
  • Driver Gratuity: We strongly suggest a starting rate of 10% of the chauffeur rate as your starting point, going up and down from there based on your own experience. Gratuities are typically given in cash at the end of the trip when you say your goodbye to your driver.

Organizing a Custom Luxury Ireland Chauffeur Tours

Over many years, we have honed our skill to efficiently design custom chauffeur tours to Ireland and those steps used are designed to ensure we reduce the steps while ensure fairness to both the client and the chauffeur.

  1. Generic Quote: We "qualify" your request to ensure that your expectations and budget are in line the marketplace therefore we start every chauffeur request using a "base rate" from our drivers (2 people traveling together in low-season). We then estimate the least costly accommodations for your duration and present that to you before we actually engage our drivers to ensure they are available and obtain exact quotes. This makes sure that we aren't over burdening our drivers with quotes when a client is expecting to pay $100/day.
  2. Refined Driver Quote: Once you agree that the budget we are estimating is within your group's budget, we will ask our drivers for availability and their exact rate for your dates and itinerary, combine that with our estimated accommodations and present that for your acceptance. Driver rates can fluctuate if your itinerary includes overnights in or near their town as well as if an overnight is required for a pickup at one airport and flying home from another.
  3. Chauffeur Deposit: If you agree to the budget, a 30% non-refundable deposit is required for the driver to block their calendar and ensure your rate for the dates.
  4. Accommodation Selection: We will refine your itinerary at this point, making recommendations for accommodations based on your itinerary and the types of accommodations you want. We may switch towns or deviate slightly without affecting your driver's rate.
  5. Payment: Your accommodations are pre-paid while your driver's final payment will not be due until 60-days prior to your departure.
  6. Online Itinerary: Once paid (aside from driver's final payment), your itinerary will be delivered online and include all confirmation #s, accommodation names/address/phone as well as any B&B vouchers. Your online itinerary is shared with your driver just in case you have any cell phone issues while in Ireland; they know where you will be each night as well as your flights, in case there are any delays.
  7. Driver Name/#: One week prior to your departure, you will receive the name and cell phone number of your driver for anyone who may need to contact you on your trip. It also helps alleviate any nervousness that your driver won't be there upon arrival! We're happy to tell you that clients have NEVER been stranded by their driver ... in fact, when flights were delayed, our drivers know and adjust accordingly!

Request a custom Ireland self-drive vacation today!