Chauffeur Gratuities How much and when do you tip your personal driver?

Ireland Chauffeur Tipping


Gratuities are often confusing when traveling abroad -- you don't tip in a pub in Ireland when you order a drink but you do when you order a meal and extends to chauffeur gratuities. It can cause a lot of questions and everyone asks, "How much should I tip my personal driver?"

How Much Do I Tip My Driver/Guide?

We recommend starting Ireland chauffeur gratuities starting 10% of the cost of your chauffeur services only, not including sites you visit or accommodations we arranged for you. We and we will advise you of that upfront and document this in your online itinerary. You will be offering your driver a gratuity on their portion of the services and exclude the cost of the accommodations you choose along your route, the attractions you see, etc.

This number is, by no means, the definitive guide for gratuities for your Enchanting Ireland private tour, or anywhere in the world for that matter. You should adjust this number, up or down, based on your own personal experience. We have never had a bad experience with any of our drivers in our years of service.

Please keep in mind that drivers rely on gratuities as tourism is can be their only income; tours may have a few days or weeks between for which your driver doesn't get paid and the season is typically short. We also remind you that your driver also gives you an insight into the Irish culture and off-the-beaten-pathsites -- so you're also showing appreciation for their knowledge, history and kindness.

Can I Invite My Driver for Dinner?

This question comes up all the time and the answer is always, "Yes!", by all means, ask your driver to join you and break bread and learn about their life in Ireland.

This is not, however, considered a gratuity or portion of their gratuity.

When Do I Tip My Ireland Chauffeur?

Tipping can be awkward... do you leave it for them? Hand it to the person? You want to make sure it is received but not always need the accolades that may come with it.

Chauffuer gratuities are paid at the end of the tour when your driver drops you at the airport or hotel and says goodbye. You can gather the gratuity together, if traveling in a group, and present it from everyone or you can each deliver your gratuity independently and bid your driver goodbye. This is up to you but typically done at the very end when departing with your driver.

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