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Nothing gives you more of a truly unique experience than a night spent in an Irish castle hotel and there are many castles to choose from and castles to meet most budgets!

Irish castle hotels are small and have limited rooms therefore we highly suggest reserving these as soon as possible. Waterford Castle has just 19 rooms and since it's located on a private island therefore demand far exceeds available rooms.

Affordable Irish Castle Accommodations

Many clients think that a night in an Irish castle will break their budget but we're happy to help make recommendations on our 4- and 5-star properties, based on your budget and travel style.

We can customize any Ireland Self Drive Vacation with an Irish Castle hotel or two along your route or base yourself in one Irish castle for a few nights and do day-trips, coming back to Irish luxury each night as you enjoy the many ammenities offered by each propery. Just submit your price quote and we can help design the vacation of your dreams.

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