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Irish Manor House Hotels are charming luxury hotels, operated by locals who are deeply-rooted in their surroundings - from cities to rolling countrysides.

Each boutique property in our Manor House Collection is distinct and diverse as the surroundings that define them. Choose from historic castles or sprawling country manor houses, no two are the same aside from the warm, unforgettable Irish hospitality welcoming you inside.

Fresh, Local Cuisine

Each Irish Manor House Hotel offers fresh, local cuisine which sets them apart from any other hotel in Ireland. Enjoy freshly-caught fish, locally-grown vegetables and herbs and meats from local farms, all prepared for your discerning palate. Savor sensational home-cooked meals, full Irish breakfast and gourmet specials with our Manor House collection.

Individually Owned & Managed

More than just a hotel, each Manor House Hotel is independently owned which means they are personally taken care of to ensure you the best possible experience from the warmest welcome to saying goodbye at check-out. All properties are unique, from their setting to the building itself - no two are the same.

Enchanting Ireland's Accommodation Preference

We learned about Irish manor homes years ago and started exploring them throughout the Irish countryside, falling in love with them because they are unique, well-priced and offer amazing restaurants which we really appreciate.

We now add one or two Irish manor house hotels to our trips so we can continue to evaluate them but also enjoy the plentiful amenities they offer. We've enjoyed Bayview Hotel, County Cork, sitting on their verandah and enjoying pints upon arrival... and many hours later we ordered a meal as we marveled at the view of the harbor and water. Sand House Hotel, County Donegal is set right on the beach and although the wind was howling while we were there, we did make it out to the beach for a quick walk and then back inside to enjoy an amazing meal in their restaurant.

No matter which property you choose, you won't be disappointed which is why we've added them to our collection of recommended Irish hotels.

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