Seaview House Hotel 4-Star Manor House Hotel in County Cork

Ireland Self Drive Manor Seaview House Hotel

<table align='right' cellpadding='0' cellspacing='0' background='/Images/General/OnlineReview.jpg' ID='Table6'> <tr><td colspan='2'><img src='/Images/General/BlankSpacer.gif' height='1' width='222' border='0'></td></tr> <tr><td><img src='/Images/General/BlankSpacer.gif' height='103' width='1' border='0'></td><td nowrap><br><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a class='ArticleLink' href='SeaviewHouse.asp'>Reviewed Oct 2005</a></td></tr> </table> As Kathleen O’Sullivan says: "I would never have called it Seaview with so many trees in the front." Equally, she’s ponders how to describe her establishment. "It’s really a country house - with country house cooking," she says. In that case, it’s country house cooking of a very high order indeed, having won many international plaudits and here, in particular, one detects the particular passion that puts this establishment high on the ‘must visit’ list. Dozens of homely and cosy touches help sustain the warmth of the welcome well beyond the front door. There’s the absence of ‘hotel furniture’, in favour of many fine antique pieces. A dining room with many nooks and crannies, is fuelled by a kitchen of great quality and a very good cellar and there’s a relaxing sitting room that also includes a well stocked bar. All this, set in a coastal country that is a joy for leisurely touring. Indeed, anyone in a hurry will miss the point - or worse, miss Seaview House Hotel. Whatever name it goes by, a host of satisfied visitors would be pleased to call it home. Two AA Rosettes for food. Gilbeys Gold Medal Award for Catering Excellence.

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