Ireland Hawk Walks Learn about the fascinating world of birds of prey in Ireland

Ireland Falconry and Hawk Walks


The oldest established Falconry School in Ireland resides at Ashford Castle and offers you the chance to fly a hawk around the spectacular grounds of the Castle in a one hour private Hawk Walk. Within minutes of arriving, you will have a hawk on your glove and be setting off to fly your hawk or hawks in the gardens and woodlands surrounding Ashford Castle.

The Falconry School specializes in one hour private Hawk Walks where you fly the hawks. The aim is to share with you the pleasure and excitement of falconry, a fascination that has enthralled people for 4,000 years.

Your instructor will introduce you to your hawk and, within minutes, you will be setting off around the magnificent woodlands to fly your hawk free. As you fly the hawks, your instructor will explain about the hawks’ exceptional eyesight, their speed and agility and how the hawks were trained. The hawks will follow you from tree to tree through the woods before swooping down to land on your gloved fist. No previous experience is necessary and we cater for all ages, abilities and families.

Our Hawk Walk at Mount Falcon Estate

We stayed at Mount Falcon Estate while traveling from Donegal back to Shannon and our sole purpose was to surprise our daughter with a hawk walk - which turned out to be an amazing adventure for us as well.

We met our Peregrine Falcon, and trainer, in the lobby to make our introductions and learn about what we were to experience. This falcon was hooded and as it was removed, we were immediately awe-struck at his beauty and poise. We were given background information on the sport, this falcon and then began our walk over to the aviary.

We were given a tour of the different birds of prey including owls and falcons, each being brought out for us to marvel at their beauty before we picked up our Harris Hawk which would be joining us on our walk.

A leisurely stroll through the woods as the trainer had the hawk on his arm and it suddenly flew up into the trees to watch us for a few minutes. It quickly swooped down as a small piece of chick was placed on the glove and he quickly gulped it down and swooped off again.

Within a few short minutes our daughter was asked if she wanted to hold the hawk and she agreed, despite being afraid of birds in general. She wore the huge, adult-sized glove and a piece of chick was placed on the fingers ... and instantly the hawk swooped to her arm for another little meal. She was surprised at the weight of the hawk but held her own before it launched itself back into the trees.

We each took a turn with the glove, allowing this beautiful Harris Hawk to fly for a bit, sometimes walk and always return to our arm when a piece of chick was placed on our glove.

Don't worry, you don't have to touch the pieces of chick!

We are now wanting to dive more into the fascinating world of Ireland's birds of prey.

Ireland Hotels Offering Falconry & Hawk Walks

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