Genealogy & Family Research Looking for your ancestry and Irish roots? Here are some starting points.

Ireland Irish Genealogy


p>Half of all requests we receive are for researching a family tree or name to find someone's Irish roots -- and we've finally buckled down and pulled together some starting points for you to begin discovering your long lost home in Enchanting Ireland.

Most folks incorporate a vacation along with the Irish genealogy search and we make sure they know -- tell everyone you meet that you're looking for your Irish roots! One client did just that while dining at Man Friday's in Kinsale, telling their waitress that they were there because their family was originally from that region. After divulging their name and what they have found, the waitress returned with a phone ... with a distant cousin on the phone! True story!

Irish Genealogy - A pay site which I wasn't too keen on due to the high prices but they recently published the 1920 Census and wow, what a wealth of information! I was able to find my Irish Roots which I previously was unable to do! (How embarrassing to own an Irish Travel Agency with roots in Ireland?) These digitized documents show names, ages, spouses and parents' birthplace -- which gave me what I needed to know. Although too far removed for obtaining Dual Citizenship, I can now say I have ties to Ireland.

Irish Genealogy - National Archives of Ireland

National Archives of Ireland A great starter for tracing your family in Ireland. It tells you the basic information required to start your research. You can always visit and do research on your vacation by planning a few nights in Dublin and visiting the National Archives.

Irish Genealogy - Irish Ancestors & Irish Times

Irish Ancestors & Irish Times This is a pay site BUT it appears to be very automated and you can do quite a bit of research right online.

Irish Genealogy - Your Irish Roots

Your Irish Roots A pay site also but it's a great start for beginning to research you Irish heritage.

Irish Genealogy - General Register Office

General Register Office When visiting Dublin, stop by the Public Office and Research Room to track down birth, death and marriage certificates for all of the Republic from 1864 onward.

Irish Genealogy - National Library of Ireland

National Library of Ireland This library maintains microfilms of Catholic parish registers, copies of the important nineteenth century land valuations (the Tithe Applotment Books and Griffith's Valuation), trade and social directories, estate records and newspapers.

Irish Genealogy - Public Record Office of Northern Ireland

Public Record Office of Northern Ireland For those who know their roots are from Northern Ireland, begin your search here.

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