Ireland Itinerary Planner Help create an Ireland itinerary by sites or by towns

Ireland Itinerary Planner


Many times clients come to us, not knowing anything about Ireland and our goal is to give you the right information to help you create your first, of many, trips to Ireland. Our Online Ireland Itinerary Planner was designed to help future clients plan their itinerary, all available online and free.

Start by choosing Ireland Sites and Attractions that you want to see during your trip and we will try to consolidate those sites and recommend towns to stay overnight, indicating how many sites are nearby. With more sites nearby, you'll want to consider staying an extra night or two and do day trips.

You can take those overnight recommendations and begin selecting your overnight stays, switching them around and modifying your itinerary as much as you like.

Print your Enchanting Ireland Itinerary - we'll show you all of the major sites along your route so you can print and take it with you. Keep in mind, we recommend this as a guide-only! Keep your itinerary loose so you can spend more along the way and plan for deviations due to weather or events that may be occurring along the way.

Begin Planning Your Ireland Vacation

Ireland Itinerary Planner - Always Updated

Our Ireland online itinerary planner is a work in progress, updated weekly with more towns that people are asking to visit or sites that we've found along our own travels. Our itinerary planner database is, by no means, complete or comprehensive. It started with major sites along our travels and began incorporating those smaller, off-the-beaten-path sites that we started to seek out on subsequent visits to Ireland.

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