The Closer You Get / American Women An Irish comedy filmed in Donegal?

The Closer You Get movie - Irish movie

If a movie has a hint of Irish, I'll go see it and this one is no exception ... I saw it THREE times but it wasn't on purpose.

Going through our local arthouse movie theater's guide, I saw the film was made in Ireland so I convinced friends to go see it. The movie was pretty funny and we all had a good time...mission accomplished.

A few weeks later we were passing a different arthouse theater and saw the playbill featuring an Irish comedy so we went in and as soon as the opening started, we laughed ... "We just saw this!" Couldn't remember the name but we stayed and enjoyed it again.

A few months later we went to see this Irish comedy and almost fell out of our seats laughing because it was the third time we saw it and hadn't remembered the name! It was released in larger theaters over time and each time we enjoyed the film.

I read somehwere that it was filmed in Kilvara, County Donegal but I can't confirm on IMDB where it was actually filmed. The setting is Donegal and I remember confusing it with Kinvara in the Burren, which I've passed often and couldn't figure out how it was filmed there. Update: Filmed in Cionn Caslach (Kincasslagh), a small seaside village in the Rosses area of County Donegal.

The premise is simple -- the guys are looking for girlfriends and decide to advertise for them in an American paper. The women in the village laugh at the though and jealousy arises. Overall, good comedy and great pick.

The Closer You Get Filming Locations:

  • Cionn Caslach (Kincasslagh), Donegal

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