US Customs Preclearance US Immigration and Customs clearance in Shannon or Dublin

Ireland US Customs Preclearance
Please do not call our office regarding US Customs Preclearance if you are not a client of Enchanting Ireland.
  • No Security or Waiting Upon U.S. Arrival - Skip CBP and TSA inspection lines upon arrival in the U.S and proceed directly to a connecting flight or final destination.
  • Easier Domestic Connections - Accept tighter connection windows at U.S. airports and be less likely to miss a domestic connection.

Ireland is now one of the few countries which offers not only Customs but now Immigration Clearance in both Shannon and Dublin Airports!

What this means to you, traveling to Ireland, is that the time you spend in the airport can now be used for more than just souvenir shopping. Go through Customs and Immigration in Ireland before heading to your gate and when you get home you simply walk off the plane and collect your luggage.

We just completed our first full clearance for both Customs and Immigration in Shannon in June 2014 and it couldn't have been simpler. The new facilities can handle quite a few more flights to the United States as tourism picks up.

Customs & Immigration Notes

  • Carry-on is x-rayed again however you don't need to take off your shoes or jackets.
  • Customs Forms must be completed and signed.
  • Your baggage claim will be scanned and a photo of your luggage will be shown, which you must identify.

US Preclearance Airline Benefits

  • Land at any airport and use domestic terminals on arrival, thus reducing your costs.
  • Avoid congestion and delays at international terminals - maximising aircraft utilisation.
  • Develop and create new routing opportunities and airline partners.
  • Reduce connecting time for your passengers for onward travel within the USA.
  • Secure and efficient entry process to the USA.

US Preclearance Passenger Benefits

  • They arrive as domestic passengers - faster process through airport terminals.
  • No changing terminals from international to domestic for connecting passengers.
  • Shorter connecting times mean passengers reach their final destination earlier.
  • Bagggage checked to the final destination - no pick up/drop off.

Once you finish all of that, you're done... go sit at the gate and wait to board your plane.

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